by Char

How did this all get started? 

I have been a Rams football fan for many years now and when the team moved here to St. Louis we decided to get season tickets and enjoy the games in person.  Now that they have moved to LA I can only watch them on TV. 

Having watched  games on television and then in person I was inspired by the many "costumes" that some of the fans wore.  So I started to design something that I could  wear to join in the fun of being a fan.  I began with a few simple items of clothing and things progressed  from there.  I had found a set of horns that were held in place in such a way that would be almost invisible when worn so that set things off. 

Then it seemed that the horns did not show up very well so I had to come up with something that would set them off.  Finally I thought, what about blinging them.  So I experimented and found the perfect procedure on how to bling them.  From there I started to bling my jersey, then my shoes and then anything else I could think of.  See the Contact Us page for a recent picture of what I have done!   From there, other people noticed my outfit and wanted something like that of their own! 

Items are not limited to just St. Louis professional sports teams.  Any item that you might have or that can be purchased can be blinged to your liking.  You might be surprised as to how many fans enjoy wearing bedazzled items to other places besides the games.